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  1. officialappo28

    CSGO Fortnite Damage Indicator [PLUGIN]

    Super smecher. Am sa il folosesc!
  2. officialappo28

    Skins & Knifes From New CS:GO Update

    Sa vedem daca merge. REP REP REP REP
  3. officialappo28

    Ghost Effect CSGO [PLUGIN]

    Ohoo superb! E super pluginu asta.
  4. officialappo28

    Anti-Rush CSGO [PLUGIN]

    Plugin Super. Multumesc mult. L-am cautat mult
  5. officialappo28

    Ore by Hattrick (!ore) [Source]

    L-am cautat foarte mult. Super tare. MS MULT!
  6. officialappo28

    [Include] hattrick_csgo.inc

    hmm ... Hai sa vedem
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Kround este o comunitate de gaming fondata in anul 2017 cu scopul de a aduce jucatorilor o experienta unica dar placuta alaturi de multi alti jucatori de prin toata lumea.

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